GENESIS WF Shirt 10 Pack

MSRP: $440.00 PRICE: $190.00

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  • Most missions require 8 to 10 White Dress Shirts.  Customers have asked for a special discount when purchasing our famous CTR Athletic Fit Dress Shirt.  So here is the package you have been looking for.  You can get up to 14 dress shirts, of any combination of long or short sleeve, at 50% off!

    If you order additional shirts, mention in the comments at the end of
    your order
    how many short or long sleeve you would prefer.

    Same great shirt with a button down collar.

    YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS TO BELIEVE IT!!!  Missionaries really love this shirt! Our shirt has a combination of outstanding features seldom found in a single dress shirt. For starters, it is made of cotton-rich poly blend and the high thread count of the fabric gives it a smooth finish. It is also ATHLETIC FIT and WRINKLE FREE, important features for any missionary. The shirt's front placket, as well as the collar and cuffs, are fused for a dressier look and help to maintain its shape, even after repeated washings. A gusset back has been added for more wearing comfort. The crisp point collar has removable stays to protect the collar tips from unnecessary wear and tear; extra stays and buttons are included with the shirt. This shirt is available in a full range of sizes, including Talls.

    This shirt also has convertible cuffs so you can wear cuff links or button.  Perfect for our CTR cuff links.


    60% Cotton 40% Polyester

    Pin-point Oxford

    Very Breathable

    Wrinkle Free

    Button Down Collar

    Tailored Fit

    Taped Shoulder Seams

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