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    These durable light weight slacks are made of superior microfiber.  They are soft to the touch, wrinkle resistant, and lined to the knee for comfortable wearing.  Machine washable for easy care.

    Remember when sizing a dress slacks, they fit different than jeans.  Typically, you size a dress slack a size larger in the waist and shorter in the length than your jeans.  For example, if you wear a 34 waist and 32 length jean, you would wear a 36 waist and 30 length dress slack.  If you are measuring from another dress slack, go with that measurement.

    in-store alterations extra & charges may vary per store

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    Super Tetron Microfiber

    Durable / Lightweight

    Wrinkle Resistant

    Soft Touch

    Easy Care

    Reinforced Pockets

    Lined to the Knee

    Reinforced Crotch

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